Our advantages

Our advantages
‧ The biggest owned brand in Taiwan 
‧ Stands on equal footing with major international brands and surpasses minor international brands 
‧ The most comprehensive sales and service team with highly professional/experienced skill and enthusiasm
‧ The largest Franchised Workshop network and the most number of trading customers.
‧ High quality (API hyperlink) & trust-worthy. Resources of base oil: USA/Korea; additives: USA/Europe 
‧ Comparatively stable wholesale/retail pricing: guaranteed gross profit for car maintenance facilities. Free from the troubles of parallel/adulterated/fleeing goods and E-commerce pricing 
‧ A supplier of versatile car care products, including engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, decarbonizer, car accessories, chemicals, oil filters, spark plugs, tires, etc. 
‧ Car maintenance technology consulting/training for the workshop.
‧ Equipment investment support.
‧ Product liability insurance up to USD1.5 million new case?.

  • Three toll-free call (Northern/Middle/Southern Taiwan) for car owners emergent call

  • 24 hours road rescue telephone service 

‧ Internet connection and promotion

‧ Aggressive and various end user promotions
‧ Commit to honest trading, consistent innovation, sustainable operation and a stable business operator.

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