Car maintenance network

[Professional franchised system]

The headquarters of the Ottoline Car Maintenance franchised network provides the following 20 services, supports and commitments: to all franchisee

1.Location & shopping area evaluation: Professional evaluation of shop location, area and the attributes of the shopping area.

2.Investment & profit/loss analysis: Evaluate the required capital of opening a shop and analyze the break-even point according the owner’s requirements.

3.Facility traffic flow planning: Plan the most efficient traffic flow according to the facility layout.

4.Standard CIS (Corporate Identity System): Comprehensive shop interior planning.

5.Decrease operation costs: Oil, accessories and supplies are all supplied by the same resource.

6.Operation management: Store operation management, promotions, standard services/workflow, technician salary & bonus setting and inventory management.

7.Standardized service/reception/work flow: Improve the comprehensive service and decrease the operation loss.

8.Technical consultation/support system: Collaborate with a professional automotive technology consulting company to provide technical consultation and training and continuously enhance skill level.

9.Training: Our operation management training includes store management, product knowledge, skills of promotion, store manager, technician and how to create business opportunities.

10.Latest updates in the market: Provide information related to market research and competitor analysis and solutions to enable the franchisee to learn about the advantages of themselves and the competitors.

11.Mass media advertising: Buy advertisements and news on MOBILE 01, U-CAR, Facebook, highway billboard and CPBL stadiums to consistently increase brand awareness.

12.Integrate marketing plans: Develop various promotions and advertising campaigns to continuously expand consumption and improve the performance of each franchisee.

13.Marketing support: Plan central, regional and store promotions; search and price negotiation of sales materials.

14.Professional media relations: Combine related marketing campaigns to achieve the most comprehensive promotion effect and the most extensive brand awareness.

15.Increase the number of guests: Increase the number of guests through strategic collaboration and major customer development.

16.Professional operation consulting: Provide various consulting services including store opening, marketing, financial accounting, HR and information system.

17.Quality insurance: All products are insured by the product liability insurance, up to NTD30 million, from Hotai Insurance Co., Ltd. 

18.Shopping area protection: We guarantee only one franchisee in one shopping area.

19.Customer service: 7/24 Toll-free line.

20.Continue to expand chain effect: Through the good reputation accumulated rapidly and the presence all over Taiwan, Ottoline comprehensive car maintenance center is the No.1 brand in car maintenance franchise business. 

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